Top 9 keywords which can generate traffic for your website


What are Keywords on a Website?


 The term keywords seem to very difficult for the first time. If you want be a SEO expert then you have to face the term keywords for proper SEO. Keywords are the part of search engine optimization that remains a crucial parameter from basics to pro levels.


Keywords on a Website
Keywords on a Website


Keywords are the words that you choose for your website about which you write and want to rank your website in google researches. In other words, keywords are the words that user write on google search bar to find something are keywords.

For Example

 If a user wants to search a mobile on google and you write “Best iPhone in 2023” then “Best iPhone in 2023” is the keywords at which user doing research at google. Google will show the results of websites that have relevant keywords to searched keyword “Best iPhone in 2023”.


Significance of right Keywords in website’s traffic.


The amount of organic traffic at a website is directly dependent upon the “keywords” the website is using.


website’s traffic
website’s traffic


 If a blogger is following the google search trends and putting right keywords according to trends then chances of organic traffic become maximum. Because if your website has exactly those keywords which user is searching in the google bar then google will refer that user directly to your website and in this way your website authority and organic traffic will also increase. Similarly, if a website has keywords irrelevant to google user demand, then it will decrease the traffic and authority of website.

Types of keywords

There are two major types of keywords

          • Short tail keywords
          • Long tail keywords


Short tail key words


Short tail key words are key words are short in length like keyword “Best mobiles” is short keyword. Short keywords are easy to figure out in google trends but ranking at short keywords is difficult because of the high competition. In above mentioned example google is not sure what type of mobile and its make model and variant. 


Short tail key words
Short tail key words


Long tail keyword


Long tail keywords are longer in length like keyword “Best iPhone to purchase in New York in 2023”. Long keywords have detailed information with specification for detailed information for user. Long tail key may have low number of traffic but because of low competition chances of ranking with long tail keywords are more.

Other types of keywords can be for specific products, branded keywords, informational keywords and navigational keywords.


Benefits of Choosing right keywords 


As a blogger

Off course as a website owner right keywords are the base of your website. It increases your website authority and brings organic traffic to your site.


As a blogger
As a blogger


 With a greater number of organic visitors ranking of the site improves, traffic improves and ultimately it increases your income from that website and you can charge high cost for any sponsored post on your site.


Benefits for Google and its users


Right keywords have many benefits for google and its users. Whenever a layman wants to find anything from google, he put command in search bar in form of keywords and if your website have those relevant keywords then it will be helpful for the researcher.


Benefits for google and its users
Benefits for google and its users


 This increases the trust of user towards google as he gets the desired information.


Now we will show you Top 9 keywords which can generate traffic for your website.


1. örviri

örviri is Icelandic North German language word that means “stimulant” in English. Örviri has taken internet by storm. Örviri has created a feeling of nervousness and excitement in the mind of people. Örviri is being used in explaining different and fictional theories on internet. örviri is a kind of keyword which is connecting different minded people together and everyone is sharing their views and possible meanings according to their perceptions about örviri.


2. Oridzin

Oridzin is created a wave of informational flow on the internet. Different blogs are considering different point of view for oridzin. The actual meaning of oridzin is not clear yet. Being in top 9 keywords in google researches some blogs are mentioning oridzin as chemical compound with numerous health benefits and antioxidant properties. Oridzin is also mentioned as latest software application for data management. Oridzin has blown the minds with its fictional presence and interest of the people.


3. Boiler

In our list of Top 9 keywords which can generate traffic for your website at number three we have boiler boiler is the most trending website providing information about boiler steel and its various specifications. boiler was founded in 5th October 2017 and SteelMart USA Inc is the owner of the boiler situated in Russia. boiler is determined to produce boilers with environment friendly procedures.


4. all access technologies 402-699-2575

all access technologies 402-699-2575 is top tending company which provides their clients high quality technological assistance. all access technologies 402-699-2575 keyword can be found in google top searches because the company provides latest cutting-edge technologies to their clients. all access technologies 402-699-2575 has roots based with latest 5g and artificial intelligence base systems. With most advanced technological services all access technologies 402-699-2575 is making day to day life of their clients easier.


5. cảbon

cảbon is the naturally occurring chemical substance. cảbon is in the list of Top 9 keywords which can generate traffic for your website and is the most important element as functional unit of Earth. Google also suggests cảbon as carbon which is backbone of many organic molecules and non-organic substances like atoms. cảbon exists so frequently in our universe that when it combines with other substances it makes new useful molecules.  


6. protrickylooter sale

protrickylooter sale is a sale event which gives excellent opportunity to shopping lovers to grab maximum discounts on quality products. protrickylooter sale is in the google Top 9 keywords which can generate traffic for your website. protrickylooter sale event provide wide range of low cost and good quality products. You can get excellent discounts on electronic gadgets, fashion clothes and home decoration pieces at protrickylooter sale. protrickylooter sale is best option for saving money and getting quality products.


7. bảie

bảie is top trending Vietnam language world. It is now in the list of Top 9 keywords which can generate traffic for your website. bảie meaning is different for different people. bảie is taking humans into a world full of fictions and theories where someone is relating bảie with old Vietnam martial arts and comparing it with other karate branches. Some searches tell us that bảie is old cultural and moral standard for politeness and respect. One thing which is evident that bảie has mysterious value and attraction that is attracting people towards its world of fantasy. 


8. férarie

férarie refers to a car which is dream car of everyone. Férarie also known as Ferrari was manufactured in 1947. Férarie stands in the list of top-ranking keywords. Férarie known for its exceptional performance. Férarie comes with iconic aerodynamic design and pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering. Eye catching design with high performance engine makes the férarie first choice of every car enthusiast to keep it once in their life.


9. is website which is getting mixed views by netizens. is offering designers brands at discounted rates. Many big brands like Gucci, Prada, Luis Vuitton are available at reasonable rates. Many trendy fashion for upcoming season with designers recommendations are available at You can shop according to your category for specific articles of suits at On the other hand some netizens are concerned about legality or that either is it real or scam for selling fast and below the market rates. 


So, your website’s authority and organic traffic depends upon selection of right keywords. You can choose long tail or short tail keywords depending upon your content. If you will put strong keywords according to the demands of google users then it will give benefits to you and google as well. Always choose trending keywords and then write content according to that keyword.


You can find top keywords from the following list that can generate organic to your website.

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