Paid Guest Posting and Free Comment Blogging


1. What is Paid Guest posting?

What is Paid Guest posting?

If you want to expand your business to different parts of the world by sitting in your own office then you will surely get encountered with paid guest posting method. This method is an excellent source of enhancing your business noise by reaching to a large number of people with simple clicks. In Paid guest posting all you need to do to write about your business, product features and then publish it on another website or blog. This process helps the service providers to get more customers and users across the globe.


 2. What is Free Comment Blogging?

What is Free Comment Blogging

Free comment blogging is a very smart approach from new bloggers to get instant traffic towards their blog. The process seems to very convenient by simply commenting in the comment box of the high authority sites. Free Comment blogging is an excellent and free method share your message get noticed, instead of sending mail and waiting for the reply. Because very often bloggers do not read the mail but they do read and notice the comments. With Effective free comment blogging you can put your name in the mind of successful blogger.


3. Difference between Paid Guest Posting and Free Comment Blogging

Difference between Paid Guest Posting and Free Comment Blogging

Paid guest posting and Free Comment Blogging may feel similar in their functions as both helps to build new relations, but there are certain dissimilarities between these two approaches.

  • Sponsored Content Vs Free Content

Sponsored Content Vs Free Content

 As the name indicates, Paid guest posting involves certain amount of money to get your article or link published on the other website or blog. One has to make a money deal with the blogger to live his link or post on the blogger’s site either for a certain period of time or permanent.  While on the other hand free comment blogging is an open and free platform mention your thoughts with your names with no time and cost boundaries.

  • Do-Follow Links Vs No-Follow Links  

Do-Follow Links Vs No-Follow Links  

Paid guest posts as the name indicates are paid that is why bloggers are bound to publish the sponsored link as do-follow either permanent or for certain period of time as decided. While on the other side free comment blogs links are published as no-follow links which does not show any association of the blogger to that particular link.

  • Enhancing Authority Vs Spam Score

Enhancing Authority Vs Spam Score

Irrelevant free comment blogging may not be appreciated by the bloggers as it may result in increasing the spam score of the blog. Free comment blog will not be of any value if it is irrelevant to the topic under discussion in the blog. On the other hand, paid guest post from a useful client can grab more visitors towards the blog and can enhance blog’s authority.  

  • Content Rights

Content Rights

Paid guest posting content has proper source and blogger owns the content by sharing its live link on his blog. While in free comment blogging, the content mentioned in the comments by the guest blogger may not be primarily noticed and endorsed by the blogger or website admin.

  • Detailed Vs Precise content

Detailed Vs Precise content

Paid guest posting allows the client to share detailed content of his services along with pictures, references, links and even sometimes with video demonstrations along with conclusions. Oppositely, free comment blogging allows guest to mention precise details within the comment box. 

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