Social Bookmarks: The Importance and How do I find Social Bookmarking Sites? Formula

Did you know that social bookmarking favors indexing? Don’t you even know what that phrase means? Whether you know what we’re talking about or not, you’ll need to know more than just what social bookmarking is. That is, SEO professionals require learning about more technical aspects that only specialized training can provide.

How do I find Social Bookmarking Sites with the Use of Formula

  • Use Google

Google is the ultimate searcher and there is no searcher more powerful than it. But not with simple keywords, as usual, you should use one of the search operators, inurl. Technically, you type this: “inurl: list of social bookmarking sites” or “submit a new story” “register” “login

Then the query will search for each web page with a “list of social bookmarking sites.”

Want to search more thoroughly? Use additional keywords! For example, you can type this: “inurl: social bookmarking sites list technology

That way Google will search for every social bookmarking site that is relevant to the technology niche. After the search results are displayed, you can review each content presented. Basically searching a list of social bookmarking sites with Google is “playing around” with inurls and keywords.


What are social bookmarks?

What are social bookmarks
What are social bookmarks

Also known as bookmarks, social bookmarks are platforms where you can save, share, organize or manage your favorite websites along with your online files, storing them in the cloud. Thanks to these social bookmarks, you will be able to enjoy your content on any device, since this digital platform is on the Internet and can be accessed without having to have the computer where you saved them.

In this sense, social bookmarks surpass search engine bookmarks in terms of being freely available from any device, since their operation is similar to that of a social content network that can be accessed from another device that other than the personal computer on which they were found. Register, login, search, and share are the four main points that describe the simplicity of using the bookmarks.


What are social bookmarks for?

What are social bookmarks for
What are social bookmarks for

You already know what social bookmarks are, now it’s time to know their usefulness. Social bookmarks serve to organize favorite content so that it can be managed correctly, with the possibility of being shared when this content is classified as public. In this way, as if it were a normal social network, interesting content can be shared between friends or colleagues.

Social bookmarks are made possible by the presence of social bookmarking sites. They facilitate their users to save, organize, and share links to any web pages they deem relevant and valuable.


How to Register Social Bookmarking Sites


How to Register Social Bookmarking Sites

How to use them?

  • Register

To use any social bookmarking site you need to register and create your personal account. Some of them make it easy for you to link your social bookmarking accounts to your social media profiles.

  • Search by category

Most social bookmarking sites “store” their content in categories. To find the content you need, it is highly recommended to use tags or categories that are relevant (to your search).

The Search Bar is always useful, Like Google, the Search Bar can take you to the content you need just by using keywords.

  • Filtering

Filters are usually used to select content based on more detailed aspects, for example, articles, images, discussions, popularity, and much more.

  • Browsing of profiles

Some social bookmarking sites allow you to follow other users. By following someone you think is relevant to your search, you may be taken to other bookmarks that are also relevant.

  • Actively participate

All social bookmarking sites depend on the activity of their users and no matter how small a user’s contribution is very valuable. By being active in it, you can help develop the social bookmarking platform that you follow and directly connect with individuals who “live” in the same niche. You can submit a new category as your first step.

  • Save your bookmarks

Have you found the content you want and want to view it again at another time? Just save it in your account and access it at any time later.

  • Share

Social bookmarking sites are all about sharing. If you find particularly valuable content, don’t hesitate to share it with others.

In the end, each social bookmarking site has a different character and to find one that suits you, you may need to sacrifice some time. But it is worth it for the benefits explained above.


Social Bookmarking Sites List – 2023 or 2024

Social Bookmarking Sites List - 2023 or 2024

In the end, each social bookmarking site has a different character and to find one that suits you, you may need to sacrifice some time. But it is worth it for the benefits explained above.


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