Difference Between Guest Posting Income VS YouTube Income

Some Interesting Points of Blogging Comparison Vlogging

1 – Income Source

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Income Source

Guest posting income is the source of paid article posting but YouTube income is the simple way of video posting.

2 – Payment Method

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Payment Method

Guest posting income may be received through PayPal but YouTube income through a bank or Western Union.

3 – Income Comparison

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Income Comparison

Guest posting income is more than YouTube income on a small scale but if you are a celebrity, you can earn more than guest posting.

4 – Popularity

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Popularity

Youtube is much more popular than guest posting but guest posting also becomes a very good source of income.

5 – Experience

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Experience

Guest posting needs 6 to one year of experience but YouTube income can be generated from one viral video.

6 – Job Source

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Job Source

Guest posting is called freelancing and lots of new generations earn income through it but YouTube gives 2 benefits one income and a second fame.

7 – Generation Interest

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Generation Interest

The young generation likes YouTube but also involves most educated girls in guest posting.

8 – Globally Known

Blogging Comparison Vlogging Globally Known

 YouTube is famous all over the world but guest posting is to be liked in India and Pakistan, especially in Faisalabad or you can call guest posting the house of Faisalabad.

The most famous trainers in FSD are:

      • Sulman,
      • Hassan Jutt,
      • Umar Ali,
      • Waqas,
      • Ayaz Shah,
      • Ijaz Watto,
      • Ghaffar Ali,
      • Asif,
      • Yasir,
      • Hamza Bandesha,
      • Mishal,
      • Mafia Sulman,

and many more. 

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