How To Decorate Washroom Step By Step With Photos

Significance of Bathroom in a Home

Having a beautiful home is the dream of every individual. We decorate our home so that it can look pleasant to our eyes. Every part of our home is close to our heart but when it comes to bathroom. Then the mater becomes little personnel and serious. Because Bathroom is space where we relax, get charged up and sometimes daydream. So, the bathroom should be decorated in such a way that its design and ambiance should look clean and pleasant. 

In this engaging article we will guide you how we can decorate our bathroom step by step.


Step1.Size and dimension of Bathroom.

 To decorate your bathroom efficiently always choose the possible large size depending upon the space size of your home.

There are total three sizes for Bathroom


Half Bath 

Half bath is the smallest size of the bathrooms. Size of the normal half bath is around 15 square feet (3×5). 


Due to space issues, we can install limited accessories to decorate half bath.


Full Bath

Full Bath is the standard size for bathrooms in a home. Its size starts from 40 square feet (8×5) and goes further larger according to space availability.


In full bath we can install bath tub and other use accessories for luxury and comfort.


Master Bath

 To decorate bathroom master bath is the is the largest and ideal space dimension. Master bath sizes starts from 40 square feet and can be extended till 100 square feet (10×10).


It is recommended to make master bath next to master bedroom.  Having a big space is not everything always choose a best dimension as well.


 Decorate the Bathroom with high quality equipment.

In Next steps we will guide every needful equipment for completion and decoration of your bathroom.


Step2.Wash Basin

To decorate your bathroom, use high quality and good size wash basin.

Wash basin is a basic requirement where we can brush teeth, wash our face and can perform hygiene tasks.



Use good size and high-quality toilet for comfortable defecation.


Choose the toilet height and size according to your height and weight. Good quality toilet should not have sanitation problems.


Step4.Bath Tub and Shower

To decorate your bathroom equipe your bathroom with luxury bathtub along with shower. 

Modern bathtubs come with multiple options. They give your bathrooms a luxury look and enhances comfort.


Step5.Bathroom Bidet

To decorate your bathroom according to modern standards you can install bathroom bidet. Bathroom bidet is used for cleaning undergarments.

Bathroom bidet is good for maintaining detailed personnel hygiene.


Step6.Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom shelving is important for increasing storage in the bathroom. Use strong shelves may be made up of marble or wood to ensure long durability.

Along with storage space bathroom shelves will add beauty for the decoration of bathroom.

Step7.Bathroom Mirror.

Bathroom Mirror is the most important element for the decoration of bathroom. It gives an iconic look. Mirror size should be big so that the user can have a complete view. 

Step8.Light in the bathroom

Adding enough lighting is a good step to decorate the bathroom. In today’s time you will find many lights with eye catching shades. 


These bathroom lights create a pleasant view within the room and add comfort to the bathroom ambiance.


Step9.Window and Exhaust

Always keep a small window or exhaust in the bathroom. It will maintain the air flow in the room.


 Fresh air will get and this small window will also work as source of light in the bathroom.


Step10.Toilet and tissue paper

For maintain proper cleanliness always keep tissue and toilet paper. Both of the items complete the decorum of the bathroom and maintain personal hygiene. 


Tissue and toilet paper not only maintain cleanliness but it also shows your awareness towards ethical standards.


Step11.Shampo, Soaps and vanity kit

Always use premium quality soaps and shampoos in your bathroom. You can also keep face wash and hand sanitizers instead of soap. Also keep vanity kit for time-to-time usage.

Also keep different sizes of towels for drying yourself. Keep a separate towel for face and body.


Step12.Bathroom mat

To decorate the bathroom, keep a bath mat. Bath mat will save you from slippering floor tiles in the bathroom. 


Bath mat also soak up the water and maintains the cleanliness of bathroom.


Step13.Air freshener and decorative

To add more to decoration of bathroom keep an air freshener to keep the environment clean and pleasant. Also keep a decorative artistic piece in the bathroom to give a unique aesthetic look.


You can use any kind of decorative any wall hanging or flowers to decorate the bathroom depending upon your choice.


Step14. Keep a Dustbin

Your bathroom will not be complete if you do not have any dustbin in it. It is a must have.


Keep a good size dustbin for disposal of used tissue and vanity tools.

To summarize we have gone through all steps that we need to keep in mind when decorating the bathroom. From selecting the right space and dimension and competing the all required equipment for a complete bathroom. By following above mentioned steps your bathroom will give aesthetic look.

You can decorate your bathroom with your own creative ideas. You can also get help of expert for your interior design. Following are the links where you can get professional consultancy to decorate your bathroom.


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