What Are The Most Famous Social Media Apps Harm Your Kids

Today almost all the children have mobile phones and access to the internet. They use many apps everyday to share photos and daily updates with their friends or strangers which increases the chances of cyberbullying ,harassers,castfishing and predators.Parents should take care of their children and take an eye on them and check what they are using and what they are doing.

Here is a list of some social media apps which can be harmful to your kids.

        1. Snapchat
        2. Tinder
        3. Ask.fm
        4. Omegle
        5. Bigo Live
        6. Tiktok
        7. Youtube
        8. Discord
        9. Instagram
        10. PUBG



Snap has become a very common social media app now in the world and almost every smartphone user has snapchat in their phones.So snapchat does not need any introduction what is it. On the other hand, snapchat has many risks in using it because it was hacked in 2014 and photos of massive peoples leaks . The other risky function of snapchat is that anyone can take a screenshot of people’s snap and can see it every time whenever he wants.

Their effects on our children

  • Your data is not secure on snapchat.
  • There is an Extravagance option in it which is steak sending which is very time wasting.
  •  Anyone can take the screenshot of your snaps and watch it again anytime
  • It also has very immoral filters in it like dog face etc.


Tinder is a dating app which works on the basis of GPs positioning system. It is an app which shows the users near your area and shows the photos of users near your area. You can chat with them after liking their photos. This is a very common and famous app among teenagers and there are many users who misuse this app. There are many scammers on it who cheats with the teenagers and their information.


Their Effect On Our Children

  • This app is really a waste of time.
  • There is a risk of getting cheated by scammers.
  • It is also used for immoral act like real meeting which can be very dangerous for you children
  • Everyone can see your photos which are unsuitable for your privacy.



Asko.fm is an app where users can ask questions without showing their actual identity and anonymously and also can answer anonymously without showing their identity. This app is used wrongly by some bad users. Because they ask some very unpleasant questions on it because they know they are asking anonymously and the answers of their questions can also be very irritating and unpleasant. So in this way it can have a very bad impact on kids.


Their effect on our children

  • It has very unpleasant questions in it.
  • Some people may ask the religious related unpleasant questions.
  • People also ask adultery questions about it.
  • By using this app people get the adultery information which can have a very bad impact on your child.


This app is used to video chat with people around the world without knowing each other. This app can be very dangerous for your children because there are many bad people on Omegle who target inexperienced children on it to gain their trust and then perform illegal activities.


Their effects on our children

  • This app has very nudity material in it.
  • People take the children’s trust and then perform illegal activities.
  • Children waste their time on it.
  • While starting this app they ask you to allow your camera which can also be used to perform hacking activities.

Bigo live

Bigo live is a live streaming app where people do live streaming and earn through it. This app can be very harmful for your child because the many people on it are using very bad language, violence and it may show nudity. This can be a very immoral app for your children if they are using it.


Their Effects on Our Children

  • People on it using bad language on it.
  • The people on it do violence activities which have a negative impact on your child.
  • Two people compete on it then give the dare to the defeated one which could be very immoral.



Tiktok is a very famous app and used by almost all the people in the world. The age to be set by the developers to use it should be 13+ but all ages children even less than 13 use it because it does not have proper function in it to verify the user’s age.


Their effects on our children

  • It is a type of addiction because children addicted to it and using it massively
  • Tiktok is a really time wasting app because when you start scrolling new and new videos come and you don’t realise how much time is gone.
  • It also can be the cause of low esteem because childrens start comparing themselves with others.
  • They follow the wrong stuff on it.



Youtube is the one of the most famous apps in the world which is used by almost all ages.Youtube is itself not a bad app which its use makes it bad. Especially children uses it very badly and spend all their time on it.


Their effects on our children

  • Childrens spend all their time on this app. This is really time wasting.
  • They started following western culture and forgot the real Islamic Heros.
  • When they watch it all the time it has a very bad impact on their eyes.
  • Besides these when they watch it also can cause the weakness of muscles



Discord is a very common app among the teenagers who love gaming, there is a community of different peoples around the world who love gaming and have the common interest called the servers.


Their effects on our childerns

  • It builds the interests on childerns on gaming.
  • Besides gaming they also have adult related servers.
  • They also have the politician related servers which may have the bad language.



Instagram is one of the most famous social media apps around the world and used by all ages. It is an app where people share their images and update the people about their daily life updates.


Their effect on our childerns

  • Like other social media apps it is also a very addictive app and time wasting for childrens.
  • Now they have the reels option in it when children start scrolling on it they will get addicted and waste their time.
  • There are many scammers on it which gives the children a method of earning passive income and stealing their money.



PUBG is a very famous multiplayer game which is very common now among teenagers and the children. They play it all the time and do not realise the negative impacts of PUBG on their physical health , mental health or their negative impact on their studies.


Their effect on our childrens

  • It is an addictive game and childerns play it all the time.
  • It has a bad impact on children’s eyes and their eyesight gets weaker.
  • The aggressive level of children may raise dues to play excessively .There are many cases we studied.
  • This game also has a negative impact on the studies of our children.



All the apps that we discuss in the article are common apps and some of them are used by our children on a daily basis. These apps are very harmful for the children because all of these apps have a negative impact on the physical health, mental health and also have a negative impact on the daily routine of the children.They are the really a distraction of the childerns for their studies and they spent all their time on these apps which are very negative if they use if massively.

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