New Method To Find SEO Guest Posting Clients.

If you are tired of finding SEO guest posting clients from the links and keywords this tutorial can be very beneficial for you because in this tutorial we will teach you a new method or way to find the SEO guest posting client.

We use a third party website which is


What is

It is a marketplace website which is used as a business directory on which people list their business and products or services so that potential customers can find their product or services easily. There is a large number of business on services on the europages it has almost all the industry related business. Like you can find fashion, SEO agencies, or home clients from it.


Step By Step Method To Find Clients With The Help Of Photos

1. Search on Google, and open the first website.

2. Select the English language and the homepage of europages opens.

3. Now search for any product or service in the search bar. For example, we search “jewellery”


4. Now the list of all products and companies appears. You also can select a specific country at the left side of the page for example we select United Kingdom.


5. Now scroll down and open any of them all of these are the client’s websites, for example, we open the second one.

6. Now scroll and click on the website button.

7. After clicking on the website, client’s website open.

Now you contact this website and send them your email proposal to him.

In this new way you can find clients from any country and related to any niche.


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