How To Decorate Kitchen Step by Step With Photos

Importance of Kitchen in a home

“The Way to the heart lies through the stomach” is a well-known proverb. And a good Kitchen can justify this proverb. Because home is a space where we find comfort and peace for life. We love, care and are emotionally attached with every part of our home. But Kitchen is often called heart of the home. It is a space where we all gather, talk and eat with our loved ones. 

Making and decorating a modern kitchen for home is a challenging task for women. But is in this informative article we will guide you how we can make, decorate and maintain modern kitchen for our homes in Simple Steps.


Step1. Size and shape of Kitchen.

To decorate your kitchen, choose the size and shape of the kitchen depending upon the size and shape of your home. There are total 6 types of shapes for home kitchen. Namely,

  • One wall Kitchen size: This is the smallest style of kitchen with all accessories fitted in a one single wall.
  • Galley Kitchen size: In this style two parallel walls are used with a walkway between the walls.
  • U-shaped kitchen size: U shaped kitchen style is suitable for large homes with multiple options.


  • L-shaped kitchen size.

L shaped kitchen is very common in many homes.


With L-shaped kitchen you can make best use of space in small home.

  • Peninsula kitchen size: This kitchen style is similar to U-shaped kitchen. With minor changings at the front depending upon the consumer needs.


  • Island Kitchen Size.

Island kitchen size is the largest shape of kitchen size for homes. This Kitchen requires an area of 191 square feet. A modern kitchen shape comprises of Island kitchen shape.


Island kitchen contains suitable space to work, to dine and to for storage of food items. This is the ideal shape for your kitchen in the home.


Step2. Choosing the Kitchen Equipment.

In this detailed step we will discuss to decorate the kitchen all the necessary items and equipment that will complete our kitchen to be fully functional.

  • Modern Stove:

Always choose best stove for your kitchen. Modern stoves are electric and comes with multiple options.


Modern stoves provide better safety. With digital knobs you can operate easily. So always reliable stove for your home kitchen.


  • Modern Chimney for kitchen

Install modern chimney at the top of the stove to avoid smoke.

These chimneys work as exhaust in the kitchen and keeps the temperature normal.

  • Tap and Washbasin

 To decorate the kitchen properly always select best quality tap and washbasin for your kitchen.

Quality of the tap should be long lasting and size of washbasin should be big so that your dishes can properly fit in.

  • Install Dishwasher 

You can also install automatic dishwashers for your modern kitchen.

 These dishwashers splash hot water on the dishes and wash automatically. 

  • Refrigerator for kitchen.

 This is the most important accessory of the kitchen. Always use big size refrigerator from a reputable company.                              

Use inverter refrigerator for lower consumption of electricity. Refrigerator will keep your food fresh and healthy for almost a week.

  • Modern Oven 

Install full option oven for baking and cooking. Oven can be installed within the stove in modern kitchens.

Modern oven saves your time and cook oil free dishes for better health. With digital meter you can set the time and temperature along with calories information.

  • Kitchen Cubed

Kitchen cubed is the most important part of the kitchen. It serves as storage compartment for kitchen pots. 


Choose spacious design for kitchen cubed. Some large and some short cabins for keeping different size of items.

  • Kitchen Utensils

Equipe your kitchen with complete range of utensils. It is mandatory to have all the kitchen items for better functioning and making different kinds of food.

 We should have all size of kitchen pot, knifes, strainers and bowls for proper kitchen work. 

  • Water Purifier for kitchen

Keep a high-quality water filter and purifier for drinking water. You will use purified water for daily cooking and drinking.


 Also maintain a habit of drinking plenty of water during work for better health.  

  • Food factory for Kitchen

A complete food factory is a must have for kitchen. Food processing like fresh juice making and vegetable crushing becomes easy with food factory.

 Our kitchen should have juicer, blender and sandwich maker. You can also add coffee maker to this range according to your taste. 

  • Electricity lights for kitchen

 For complete decoration of kitchen, make sure your kitchen has proper electricity supply and LED lights.

 Also, there should be enough electricity switches and boards available for usage when needed.

Now we have covered all the necessary equipment that a modern kitchen should have. Now in Next step we will guide you how we can decorate our kitchen and add more beauty to the kitchen.


Step3. Decorating the Kitchen

  • A Nice Window

 To decorate the kitchen, when designing, ask your architecture to keep a window in the kitchen. Having a nice good size window give a nice view and add beauty to the kitchen.

Due to space dimension, it is optional for some homes. But having a window in a kitchen add more light and fresh air in the kitchen.

  • Use attractive Colors for Kitchen paint.

 To decorate your kitchen nicely always use best possible color scheme for your kitchen. Your kitchen beauty depends on color combination. 

Try to avoid dark colors and use light colors for the tiles and paint of the cabins. Light colors give fresher look to the kitchen and feel pleasant to eyes.

  • Use wall paintings for kitchen

To decorate the kitchen, install a nice colorful painting in the kitchen. Good paintings add more beauty to the kitchen walls.


Try to use paintings of fresh fruits and vegetables for better feeling to eyes. And use painting color similar to kitchen color scheme.

  • Make live sitting arrangement for family

To decorate your kitchen properly don’t forget to arrange live sitting arrangements for your family in the kitchen. 


This will not only decorate the kitchen but create happy memories within the family.

  • Nice Clock in the kitchen

To decorate the kitchen, install a nice big clock in the kitchen. This will give your kitchen a complete look.

A clock will remind you to cook delicious meals for your loved ones on time.

By following above mentioned things your kitchen will like the heart of your home. And you will keep cooking good food with enjoy and comfort with your family. And your decorated complete kitchen will look gorgeous as shown in the picture.

Your kitchen will have complete utensils with all major and minor requirements for proper decoration and working of the kitchen. 


In the next step we will guide you some useful tips for maintaining the decor of your kitchen.

Step4. Maintaining the kitchen beauty.

  • Make a proper habit of cleaning kitchen

To maintain the decoration of kitchen it is necessary to develop a regular habit of cleaning your kitchen. Mark date on your Calander for kitchen cleaning and plan next cleaning accordingly. You can set your routine on weekly and monthly basis.Use 

  • Surface Cleaners and Dishwash liquids

To maintain the decoration to kitchen, maintain a habit of cleaning the on time. Use high-quality dishwash liquids for proper cleaning of kitchen pots.

Use high quality surface cleaners and glass cleaners for cleaning of tiles and mirrors in the kitchen.

  • Use Anti Bug Pesticides 

To decorate your kitchen and maintain its cleanness use good quality pesticides for bug removal from your kitchen.

  • Keep Deep Cleaners for Kitchen

To keep your kitchen shine and new keep a deep cleaner at home for deep cleaning of kitchen floor.

Your kitchen requires deep cleaning after long period but it is mandatory to clean your kitchen thoroughly after sometime.

So, in this informative article we have leaned how we can make and decorate the kitchen step by step for our home. We have discussed necessary equipment for proper working of the kitchen from minor to big details. We also learned how we can keep our kitchen clean and fresh for longer period of time.

For your convenience we have compiled a list of interior design service providers where you can get further ideas about how to decorate the kitchen and many more. Following is the list of sites where you can further learn how to decorate kitchen. 

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