Mohammad Rizwan Biography

He is famous for cricket and is known as a reputed Pakistani international cricketer representing the Pakistani team since 2015 and also the captain of PSL Pakistani Super League team Multan Sultan. He is also a good wicketkeeper batter from Pakistan. He has very good skills in wicketkeeping and batting in any situation. He is the most polite, humble, and honest Muslim Pakistani cricket ever in the history of Pakistan cricket. He is from Peshawar and lives there in Peshawar with His family and two little daughters and wife.


Mohammad Rizwan Wife – Naema Begum

He is a living legend in the Pakistani cricket team and belongs to a pure religious Pathan family and lives in Peshawar with his wife who was his cousin. Due to family rules, he did not like to share personal or private details, especially about his wife and daughters.


Mohammad Rizwan Family

Due to family restrictions now allowed to share the details just got that he has 2 daughters and a single wife named “Naema Bagum”.

  • Wife’s name is Naema Begum,
  • He has 2 Daughters,


Mohammad Rizwan Age –  1/1/1992

  • He was born on June 1 in 1992 in Peshawar,


Mohammad Rizwan Cast – Pathan

  • He is from Pashton family and by cast he is Pathan.


Mohammad Rizwan’s total runs in t20 – 2797 Runs

  • He got 2797 runs as of total in t20 format of cricket.


Mohammad Rizwan’s total centuries – 5 Centuries

  • He has 5 centuries in all formats of cricket.


Mohammad rizwan Debut:

  • His debut was on 17th of April 2015.


Mohammad Rizwan 50 in t20:

  • He has scored 25 fifties (50) in t20 cricket format.


Mohammad Rizwan’s Height,

  • He got the height as 5 feet 10 inches.


What is the nickname of Muhammad Rizwan? – Jaunty Rhodes

  • Whole team members and team players call Muhammad Rizwan “Pakistani Jaunty Rhodes”.


What Is The Debut Detail of Muhammad Rizwan?

  • Test, 20th june 2011 against west indies,
  • ODI, 18th august 2008, against Sri Lanka,
  • T20 12th jue 2010 against Zimbabwe,


What Are The Records Muhammad Rizwan Holds?

  • He is at the 2nd place after Brendon Mccullum who scored 100 runs in all formats of cricket.
  • He is the wicketkeeper batter who scored a century in T20,
  • Highest partnership record while chasing high total in 2021,
  • While opening he got highest partnership total in batting with Baber Azam,
  • Unbeatable innings of 154 runs as partnership against India,
  • Most number of sixes in T20 by a Pakistani batsman,
  • Single Pakistani player who score more than 50 runs in consecutive innings of T20 format,
  • Record of most number o catches in a series by a wicket keeper in Pakistan,
  • First wicketkeeper from Pakistani player, who score 2 fifties in England Series,


What Are The Favorite Things By Muhammad Rizwan?

  • His favorite batsmen is Baber Azam,
  • Favorite Wicketkeeper is Adam Gilchrist,
  • In cricket ground, his favorite is Multan International Cricket Stadium,
  • He loves Kabuli Pulao,
  • His favorite color is Green,
  • Muhammad Rizwan has favorite sport Football after cricket,

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