Key Points In Decorating Your Sofa With a Color Scheme That Matches The Walls

Decorating a sofa is not an easy matter, especially if you are not experienced in combining it with the elements that surround it. For example walls of course! Wall color is an important factor in determining the color of your sofa. If you don’t have any ideas about matching the decoration of your sofa to the color of the walls of the room it is in then keep reading!

The following are important points regarding sofa decoration by adjusting to the color of the room walls:


Adjusting the sofa decoration so that it matches the wall color scheme is important for achieving a cohesive interior atmosphere. A cohesive atmosphere always attracts the attention of everyone who enters the room.


Start by identifying the dominant color

Usually, there is only one dominant color but it is possible that there is more than one. Choose the one that you think is strongest. That’s the color you should choose as the main color for your sofa later. If your walls are gray, consider a sofa color that will not be too contradictory to that color. For example gray or black. Don’t choose red for example as it will be “painful” to anyone who looks at your sofa! If you choose a lighter or darker sofa color, choose a color that is not too light or dark.


Combine Dining Color Accents

You can also make your sofa “look like it blends in with your walls.” The trick is to combine the access color from your walls to the sofa. You can start by changing the color of the pillows or upholstery details. This way your sofa will look more integrated with your walls even though the base color doesn’t really match the wall color.

Neutral color

Neutral sofa colors tend to match most wall colors. You can choose between white, gray, and cream to make your walls stand out without reducing the appearance of your sofa.

Apply certain textures

Applying certain textures can be a great solution for creating visual depth. Textured sofa cushions can complement your wall color if you combine them correctly.


Extend Coordination To Accessories

Involving accessories is a smart move in matching the sofa decoration to the wall color scheme. You can add accessories around the sofa that contain elements of the wall color. In this way, the color of your walls and sofa can seem to “echo many times over.” Using accessories the same color as your walls can also be a way to get around the color of the sofa not really matching the color of the walls.

Selection of sofa materials

Sofa material can differentiate the appearance of two sofas of the same color. Leather has a greater visual impact than other sofa materials. You may have to pay more but the level of satisfaction you get will be worth it.

And lighting…

Lighting is always important in any interior design. If you are smart enough to focus the lighting on your sofa, the color that matches the wall color will appear more clearly. Try to direct your sofa not directly in the direction of the sun but still around the beam of light.

What can be concluded from the points above is that the color scheme is well coordinated, in this case, the color of the sofa and the color of the walls. Do not take it wrong! The most important thing is not just to rely on the similarity of color between the two but how to create a harmonious combination between the two. Hopefully, this short article is useful enough to broaden your knowledge about interior design, especially sofa decoration.

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