How To Control Your Wi-Fi Password Settings From Mobile?

Wi-Fi has become part of our daily routine. We use Wi-Fi from sunrise till bed time. Wi-Fi fulfil every need from individuals to masses. With High speed WIFI networks, we check weather updates, we grab a cab to office, we find google maps and communicate around the globe. Our wide range of necessities is being fulfilled with Wi-Fi.

For smooth functioning of Wi-Fi, it is mandatory to keep our Wi-Fi password protected. This task can only be done by keeping your Wi-Fi password settings in your hand. But many of us don’t even know how to access and control our Wi-Fi settings from our mobiles. In this interactive article we will figure out from anywhere how we can access and control our Wi-Fi password settings from mobile in simple steps.

But before starting do you know the IP address of your Wi-Fi router? First you need to know the IP address of router then you will be able to access your Wi-Fi settings on mobile. Let’s find out quickly.


Find Wi-Fi Router IP Address

This is the first and foremost important step important step and every Wi-Fi owner should know the IP address of his Wi-Fi router. For this step you have to use your PC for once. Because Wi-Fi router IP address will lead us to our Wi-Fi settings configuration page.

Step1.To find Wi-Fi router Ip address open window search bar and type “cmd” and click on the open button

After Clicking on the open button, you will reach a new window as shown below.

Step2. Type “ipconfig” at the blinking curser.

By Doing these simple steps window will show you the IP address of your Wi-Fi router with which you are currently connected as shown in the following photo.

So, we have figure out that the IP address of our Wi-Fi router is Please note that this is a onetime procedure and once you know IP address then you can reach Wi-Fi configuration settings page from your mobile any time by entering this address any time. Also, the IP address of every Router is different

Now let’s continue our journey towards controlling our WIFI password settings from mobile. WIFI 


Router Configuration page

To open Wi-Fi router configuration page open chrome browser from your mobile and type IP address of your Wi-Fi router. Configuration page will require username and password.              


You need to enter your username and password of your Wi-Fi router as provided by the service provider. This username and password are usually mentioned on the backside of the router.

After entering the username and password you will reach at configuration homepage. This Homepage provides you complete options to control and change your Wi-Fi password settings from mobile.



Changing Wi-Fi password from mobile

In order to change the Wi-Fi password from mobile click on the system tool option. And then you will see password button.


Click on the password button and you will see a new window with old username and password to new username and password options.


Enter previous username and password and then you can change your username and password and then click on the save button. This is how you can change your wifi password from mobile.

This password changing option may vary for every router model so you have to find it in the options.

How to Hide your Wi-Fi password and username from hackers through mobile (MAC Filtering)

You can hide you’re your Wi-Fi password and username from unwanted user and devices. This can be done through MAC filtering. MAC filtering is a parental control option, you can control the using time hours.



 With MAC filtering you can block unwanted users. You can prepare MAC address list of your devices and turn on MAC filtering option and then save the settings. After this any other device cannot access to your Wi-Fi data even with having Wi-Fi password.

Using Wi-Fi router APP

We can control and change Wi-Fi password settings from mobile by using play store app of your router. Simply install your Router’s app and Create your ID and Login.


After confirmation of your credentials click in the confirmation link received on your registered email ID. 



Once you have logged in then you will have all the options to control and change your wifi password settings from mobile. 

Some Routers don not have play store apps so then you can use chrome login method to control and change Wi-Fi password settings from mobile.

Having understood the methods of controlling Wi-Fi password settings from mobile let’s find out why it is necessary to monitor and change your Wi-Fi password settings from mobile.

Advantages of Controlling and changing Wifi password from mobile

Better Security 

By saving your WIFI password details you increase security to your network. Chances of data leakage becomes lower. No hackers can steal your business details from your browser data.

Smooth Business Work  

If you have online business. Then changing your WIFI password from mobile keeps your online surfing smooth and fast. No malware data gathers to your network and it helps your business to work without any hurdles.

Better Network Speed 

With Controlling and changing WIFI password settings from mobile, Limited number of user you can get faster network speed. Your browser speed will be increased and you can send and receive your official emails and documents more quickly. You can download your larger files in shorter period of time.

Fast Downloading and Uploading

With controlling and changing WIFI password from mobile you will get faster internet downloading speed. With faster downloading and uploading speed you can complete your clients work on time. 


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