How Do I Learn Guest Posting As a Agent

Guest Posting Source Of Income

Guest posting is one of the leading part of SEO which improve your ranking and also it is a good source of income for beginner.

You can earn monthly easily 50000 to 300000

If you want to learn guest posting must know about definition of agent.

What is Guest Posting As a Agent

The person who does business in the middle between owner and buyer called agent.

If you has nothing like, no money, no website but has laptop still can do guest posting free only follow our tips.

Follow our 2 steps

1 – Contact Website

2 – Search Clients

How to Contact Admin Website

You must know how to search sites list from google but we are to guide you how to search guest posting sites only follow us,

1 – You have to type in google guest posting sites list free and will find lots of list free

2 – Open any list from them and you will see lots of websites in any list of guest posting sites.

3 – You can use our selected guest posting sites list

Guest post sites are below

4 – Open site and click on Contact  and you will see Email iD.

5 – After click on Contact – you will find email ID and send email to it and decide cheap price like 5$ to max 30$

What is the criteria to fix price of admin website

If you are new and don’t know how to fix the price, just follow our criteria.


DA      – SEmrus – Price

50      –   2K        – 5$

50      –   3k        –  10$

50+    –   5K        – 10$ – 15$


Keep in mind – if your admin price is low then your profit will be high.

How to Search Clients


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