How to check Telenor Number, Balance, Internet Packages and Minutes

Telenor Mobile Company

Telenor is a supplier of merged telecommunication services. The affiliation offers information, voice, content, fixed and adaptable correspondence, rented lines, web affiliations, information associations, Voice over Web Shows (VoIP), satellite associations, controlled benefits, and rented associations. Telenor additionally gives programming, records, and television praise associations to different clients. It serves business endeavors and family clients and works business under Telenor, DTAC, Digi, and DNA brand names. It manages assistants and joint endeavors. Telenor offers cash-related associations and classifieds in Asia. The affiliation has business endeavors in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Finland. Telenor is settled in Fornebu, Oslo, Norway.

Telenor is the best telecom relationship in Norway. During the late’s it was liberated and changed from absolute government into a public bound affiliation. Regardless the public authority held a colossal stake in terms of offers. Since the opportunity started in the EU, the telecommunication industry is confronting ridiculous contests from new hopefuls and this is what is happening for Telenor. The affiliation is isolated into four social gatherings: Helpful operation, Telenor fixed, Telenor broadcast, and others work out.


How To Check Telenor Number


There is only a single way where you can check easily and free the Telenor number you want to check, just the way of checking Telenor number follow the method written below,


  • Open the dial pad on your phone,
  • Type *8888#
  • Press the send or dial button to send the code for confirmation,
  • After a few sends you can see the number you require,


Method #2


  • Open SMS sending app on your android phone,
  • Just send a blank sms to 7421,
  • Just send the sms and you will get the number in your reply message,


How To Check Telenor Number Balance


  • Open your dial pad
  • Dial *444# from your Telenor number
  • Wait for some time
  • Remaining balance will updated after checking balance
  • In any case, you will be charged Rs. 0.24 + for checking balance


How To Check Telenor Internet Package

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Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Customized bundle will be checked from the methods below,


  • Dial *66# on your mobile to check the package details,
  • Dial *345# and select 5 (Extraordinary Deal) in the menu to check remaining internet MBS,
  • Bundle is likewise apparent in SMS when clients dial *444# to really look at balance or perform balance re-energize


How To Check Telenor Minutes

There is no particular requirement for checking the remaining Telenor package details for minutes,


Open dial up pad,

Type the code *222#,

Press the call button there,

Need to wait for the pop up message,

After few second you will get the remaining all package details including minutes,


Method 2


Another method is here to get details of your remaining minutes in Telenor package,

  1. Just type message with “free” and send to 555 and Telenor will show the all details in reply.


This is the very simple and shortcut method to know how you can check the balance details of free minutes and can use the remaining free minutes after applying such methods from your mobile.

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