What Is The Difference Between An Advocate And Barrister In Pakistan

Law is a very good and respectable profession in Pakistan.There is a high competition in the field of law. Both advocate and barristers are the legal advisors but the demand of barrister is some higher than the advocates and the bristors are the some more preferable in pakistan as compared to advocate.


What Is An Advocate?

When a candidate completes their bachelor of law degree from any institute of pakistan he is called an Advocate. They can fight the cases of their clients in both low or high court. After completing the two years in low court an advocate can be eligible for high court cases.


What is a Barrister?

When a candidate completes their law degree in England he is called a Barrister. He must be the member of four inns of court in england. They usually interfere in complex cases and they have the access to all courts including supreme court too.


What is the difference between an Advocate and a Barrister

Advocate Barrister
They have completed their LAW degree from any institute in Pakistan They have completed their LAW degree from the any university in England
They gives the advices to the clients and approach to the clients and fight cases for them They didn’t directly approaches the clients, rather clients approaches the barristers
Advocates can appear in low or high court and wide ranges of courts for their clients. They can appear in all the courts including the supreme courts too.
They are generally hired for legal matters or may be for normal cases. They are generally hired for complex cases and represent their clients.

Here is the list of top Lawyers in Pakistan

Below is the list of top 10 Pakistani Barristers.




          Aitzaz Ahsan                                            Khalid Jawed Khan

Date of birth 27 September 1945              




     Abdul Hafeez Pirzad                                  Afrasiab khattak

Date of birth 24 February 1935                Date of birth  2 October 1951




        M. D. Tahir                                                    Ali Ahmad Kurd

      Year of birth 1942                                         Year of birth 1948




            Amir Ali Majid                                              Ashtar Ausaf Ali

  Date of birthNovember 1953                       Date of birth June 19, 1956




  Muhammad Barjees Tahir                       Chaudhry Amir Hussain

 Date of birth April 20, 1949                     Date of birth June 22, 1942


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