LAT (LAW Admission Test) Details

LAT is the most important and the first step in the journey of becoming a lawyer. Without this step you can’t be eligible for the further process because we can say this is the backbone of starting a journey  and LAW-GAT. Make sure to prepare before going to the examination hall.


Apply Criteria For LAT

There is no special criteria for the application of LAT. You must have completed your inter with 55% marks. There is no age now to apply for the LAT. But in the past some years HEC set the age of 24 years but now there is no age limit.


How To Register And Apply For LAT is the official website of pakistan who conducts the LAT in pakistan.Here is the official website on which you can apply for LAT mentioned on

For online registration form please visit


Pattern And Syllabus

The test pattern consists of a total 100 marks and MCQs of 75 marks .

Here is the pattern of MCQs

Division of MCQs
English 20
General knowledge 20
Islamic studies 10
Pak studies 10
Urdu 10
Math 5


15 marks of Essay and it can be written in english or urdu both of them acceptable. Personal statements of 10 marks can be written into urdu or english.


Here Is The Total Division Of Questions For LAT

Division of syllabus
Eassy 15
Personal statement 10
MCQs 75
Total marks = 100
Passing marks = 50


Examination Centres

The candidates can be selected on any examination listed in the form and after registration the examination cannot be changed again.Only major cities are listed to be eligible for conducting the LAT test.

Important Note ➖ Keep in mind to bring the Real CNIC or passport or any identity card on which your picture identity has been uploaded. Without these you can’t be able to sit in the examination hall.


The Mistake You Should Avoid In LAT

The mistake you should avoid while examining is to go with your CNIC or any document with picture identity because I see in practical life it doesn’t allow you to sit in the exam on the basis of B-form only. 

I did not bring that CNIC with me and they didn’t allow me to sit in the examination and all other students but by some references they allow me to sit. I went to the examination hall late and they served me the Question paper and I started writing. I completed the MCQs and Easy but when i came to the personal statement i asked the exam conductor for an extra sheet and he said to me that they are not allowed to give any extra sheet so that’s why i left the personal statement. When I came to the examination hall late, they already told the students to not ask us for extra sheets.

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