What Is The Correct Word And Food Of Labradorii Dog

What Is The Correct Word Labrador or Labradorii Dog


If you are confused about the correct word for labrador or labradorii dog. The correct word which is used is labrador not labradorii. When you are talking about the labrador dogs you do not need any extra words like labradorii you can just say a word labrador.


What is a Labrador’s Favourite food?


Same as like other dogs the Labrador also has some variety of favourite foods.


1. Meat


Labrador can eat the cooked meats like chicken and beef and these are the one of the favourite foods for the labrador.Also make sure the meat is boneless and do not use the salts in the cooking which can be harmful for your dog.


2. Fish


Fish is also one of the favourite foods  for some labrador. They especially enjoy fish  who have good quality omega-3 fatty acids. The best example for this is salmon fish.Fishes can be a very healthy food for your dog.


3. Fruits


The labradorii may also like to eat fruits like apples, bananas, and blueberries. These fruits can be given to the dogs for moderation. Make sure to avoid the fruits like grapes because they can be toxic for your dog.


4. Vegetables


The vegetables like carrots and green beans may be an enjoyable food for your dog.You can give them the vegetables as treats or also can be given as mixed with their regular meals.


What Is The Price Of Labrador Dog


The prices of labradorii dogs are different in Pakistan. It depends upon the breed the age and pedigree and the quality and health condition of the dog. The expected prices in Pakistan for the labrador dog may vary from 10,000 to 170,000 depending upon the qualities of the dog


Minimum Price 10,000

Maximum Apx – 170,000


Types of labrador dogs


There are three types of labrador dogs.


1. Black Labrador

Black Labradors are the one the most common type of Labradors dog.They have a black coat .The black coat can be shiny back,faded black or deep black. The coat is the beauty of the dogs.Their beauty depends upon their coat.


2. Yellow Labrador


Yellow Labrador is another type of labradorii dog.They are called yellow because of their coat colour. Their coat colour can be cream or white and can be like shades of red colour.They generally have a brown brown nose and eyes. Their nose and eyes are the shade of a brown colour.Yellow Labrador can be trained easily as compared to the black one.


3. Chocolate Labrador


The labradorii of chocolate colour are called the Chocolate Labrador because of their chocolate colour. Their coat can be light brown or also dark brown.They usually have the brown or hazel colour eyes and nose.They are generally known for their intelligence.


Labrador Dogs Pics


If you are looking to kept the labradorii dog as pet we explained you the prices, food plan and the types of labradorii dog now the choice is yours which colour or qualities are suitable for your or for your family. The labradorii dog is the best breed of dog which is best for pet and these labrador Dogs are generally kept as pet around the world.

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