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What Is The Meaning Of Chainiste

A person who is expert in the making or manufacturing of large chains, this is the new meaning of chain maker, chain maker can be called a Chainiste. Chainiste is the person who is mainly expert in the manufacturing of watch chains.They are generally jewellerymaker or experts in the making of precious metals. 

In Which Language Word of  Chainiste Is Used


The word chainiste is used in the French language. It is pronounced as shuh-neest .Which is used for the person who is expert in chain maker or professional in the manufacturing of long chains like specially watch chains.

Complete information and overview on chainiste


The word chainiste is used in the French language. The meaning of chainiste is usually used for the persons who are professionally the expert in the manufacturing of the chains or chain makers especially who makes the watch chains.The 19’s was the time of peak of chainiste when they make the chains by hands but now the chainiste are the people who makes with the hands and the machinery too.They are the beloved people of the persons who has a great interest in the fashion.chainiste uses the different materials creatively.For the creativity they may use a thin chain or may a tiny chains and mixture of different metals to build them into a unique design.


Chainiste is also the hobby of many people who had a great interest in the making of homemade jewellery.If you are interested in the manufacturing of creative gift you should need to have a look at the chainiste and you do need need any experience to do this


The meaning of chainiste in different languages


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