What is Pikruos? All You Need to Know About Pikruos

Pikruos promotes the self awareness and the focus on the personal growth which is very important aspect into the development of the personality. It helps the peoples to known about their inner fears,beliefs,values and what they want. This is very helpful in understanding of yourself and to known about the how strong you are.

Today in this article we will completely discuss about the Pikruos

What is Pikruos?


When we talk about the Japanese the word Pikruos still known as the Pikruos and it becomes the very famous from the recent because it helps the people in a unique way to grow and develop their personality. They combine the different ideas of the psychology and philosophy in order to guide the people to the more meaningful life spiritually.The word Pikruos comes from the Greek word Pikros which means the bitter and the word ousia means the nature or essence.When we combine these both words then it means the true nature and what are the effects on our daily lives.

Besides the self growth of a person Pikruos also encourages the people to ask the question to their own thoughts and to see the different situation from the different angles.This is very helpful in understanding the world better.The another important thing about the Pikruos is that it also has the different eastern philosophies like the Buddhism and the Taoism and one of the main eastern philosophies.It encourages the self awareness,do not attach to the things,spread love to the living beings and find the inner peace through the simplicity.

The importance of Pikruos in cultures and societies


Pikruos is one of the most interesting hobbies in the different societies and the regions.When we talk about Southeast Asia it is liked very much and It is still very popular there.

In tha Thailand, they says the Pikruos sak yant or also the yantra tattooing.It is the one of the important aspect in their religion and the beliefs from a long period of time.They believe that these special words and the symbol into the tattoos are the sign which keeps you the safe and protects you from the evil eye and brings the good luck.

In Cambodia, they call the Pikruos as kroh kru.Peoples make this special kind of tattoo with the inks from the plants. The designs included many things from Hinduism and Buddhism and they thought that they would give you good health and protect you from the evil spirits.

At places like Myanmar and the Loas it is also very important and it is considered as it protects you from the danger and the sickness and the people who are living there call it the Yadaya.

Pikruos is not just for the people of the old beliefs but we also can see it in the modern age.Famous peoples always show  their yantra tattoos on the different platforms to promote it to the youngsters so that they can do this too.

Different uses and the instances where Pikruos is applied


Pikruos is also known as the “roman whisper game” which is played into different regions and cultures all round the world. It is a fun game by which the people tell a secret message to the other person in a chain and the next person tells the secret to the next person and the last person tells the secret very loudly.Let’s discuss some examples where the Pikruos is used.

    • Promotes the teamwork and communication skills

Pikruos is generally used as for the team building activity in the workplaces and the schools.In order to play this game it requires the good listening,effective communications and the trust to the other team members.As when the players listens the each other very carefully their massage it builds the communications skills as well as the team work.

    • Improve the Memory and the Focus

It is very tough to remember the chain of the different words but when you play the Pikruos properly then it will help you improve your memory.This game requires a very deep concentration in order to  remember each word as it is while passing through the message.

    • Encourage creativity

Some of the types of the Pikruos games allow the peoples to add their own ideas to the massage.This is very helpful in the development of creativity and the imagination in order to make the last massage more interesting and full of joy.


Pikruos play an important role in self growth and help you to improve your development of your personality and it is one of the best ways to know about yourself and what you want and what are your desires and by this you will be able to know the strength of yourself. Moreover besides the Self growth it encourages the people to ask questions to yourself and helps you to see the situations into the different angles and it says you to do not attach to much with the anything and loves the living beings.

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