How to find  Guest Posting Clients From The Keyword Step By Step With Photos

What are Guest Posting Clients

The guest posting client can be a small business owner or organization holder or can be an agency, If a person starts a business they need to rank at the top of the search engine to get the leads and fruits from the business so they write content about their product or their service and publish it at the different websites to create a backlink for their website.

On the other hand, the agency’s clients are the companies who offer SEO services to the business and give content to the individuals to publish the blog and generate articles for the third party.

What Is The Keyword

A keyword is a word or pair of words that someone types on Google and gets the desired results from Google. When someone types anything on Google it becomes the keyword.

How To Find Guest Posting Clients From The Keywords

In this tutorial, you will learn what guest posting clients are and how you can find them with the help of keywords step by step with the help of images.


1- We open a website like 

2- you have to open a sample paid post like:

3-  You see the keyword from the below image

4- the keyword is Instagram likes and you can post in Google search like

5- search and you can find all sites related to the keyword

6- open any website find the email ID from the contact and send all your sites to the email ID.


Let’s See The Second Example To Clear Your All Doubts

1- Open another sample post:

2- You will find the other keyword in the image

 3- Copy the keyword and search it on Google

4- You will get the websites of clients at the top you will see the paid Google ads and these are also included in our pitch to clients

5- Open any of the websites go to their contact page and collect their email address now are ready to send the mail


Let’s See In More Depth How To Collect The Client’s Email.

1- Open any of the websites for example we open 1st website

2- Scroll the website and you will find the contact page at the footer of the website.

3- Click on the Contact Us page after landing on the contact page you will get the client’s email address and copy it.

Now you are ready to mail your clients to get high leads.

Note:- All websites are clients and by this method, you can find your clients easily but you have to send 250 emails daily.


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