What are the some chat GPT drawbacks

What is Chat GPT

chat gpt is one of the leading machine writing articles and it is not acceptable by Google due to not writing articles according to the topic selected of the article.

Some Chat GPT Drawbacks

There are lots of chat gpt in the market because people love to write article on it within some mints but chat gpt written articles has some drawbacks which are following,

1 – Chat GPT written articles do not keep sense of writing.

2 – It shows lots of commas and dots which normally the writer does not use.

3 – Some times topic changed into other topics

4 – Not write a tutorial type of article.

What is the Importance Role of Chat GPT Detector Or Checker

Chat GPT Detector is the software which lets you know the written article is human written or All. These days lots of Chat GPT Detectors are in the market which solve your problem so you can check any of them.

 How to Check Al Written Article

When you hair someone for writing article, it is very importance for you to know article is written from Al or human being so follow the steps below,

1 –  Open https://gptzero.me/ and past your article article in it.

2 – You will see following result,

Check Al Written Article
Check Al Written Article

Results are below:-

This text is likely to be written by AI

There is a 99% probability this text was entirely written by AI.

16/16 sentences are likely AI generated.

Chat GPT Detector Sites 2023

There are lots of chat gpt detector sites which can help you to check articles, is it human written or chat gpt. You can use our list of Chat GPT Detector Sites and save your money from the use of our collected chat gpt detector sites list 2023.

1 – gptzero.me/

2 – plagiarismdetector.net/ai-content-detector

3 – contentdetector.ai/

4 – zerogpt.com

5 – plagiarismcheck.org/ai-plagiarism-checker-and-content-detector/

6 – corrector.app/ai-content-detector/

7 – hat-gptdetector.com

8 – copyleaks.com/

9 – originality.ai

10 – pcguide.com/apps/is-chat-gpt-plagiarism-free/


Note – All are chat gpt detectors free which are for your saving money from cheat writers easily.

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