Top Lawyers And Monthly Income As A Lawyer

Do you want to be lawyer?

Every one dreams to choose a profession where he can fulfil his dreams and grow his career. Choosing the right profession have a big positive impact on individual’s life. Choose the best profession but please make sure your profession makes you disciplined, hard worker and a man of rules. If you want to be disciplined and brave man in personnel and professional life, then being a lawyer, you can follow your passion.


Why Being a Lawyer?

If you think you are a man of rules, you are fearless to say truth, then you should choose law as profession to save the rights of others. Lawyers are the most respectable people of society. Their role and services have great impact on a society. They fight for the rights of others, spend time and energies and hence they are recognized and rewarded as heroes on in the society.

Having discussed very motivating and emotional aspects of lawyer profession, now let’s discuss the most important thing that motivates anyone to be something in life which is money. Do lawyers get nicely paid? To answer this question let us share with you some

 Rich lawyers around the world and their net worth.

John Branca

John Branca is 72 years old entertainment lawyer from New York. 


Net Worth 100 million USD


Roy Black

Roy Black is 78 years old civil and criminal defense trial attorney from America.


Net Worth 85 million USD


Richard Scruggs

Richard Scruggs in 77 years old disbarred lawyer from United States.


Net Worth 1.7 billion USD


There are many other names that can motivate us. But to make a career as lawyer we have to choose lawyer role in which we want to make our career. So, for this in-depth discussion we will share with you Top 10 lawyers’ roles and their monthly income with detail.

Top 10 lawyer types with monthly income.

  • Immigration Lawyer 

Immigration lawyer provides legal consultancy to individuals and families for immigration related matters. Immigration lawyer is responsible for visa, Deport defense, and citizenship related services across the borders. 

One has to Juris Doctor JD for practicing law as immigration lawyer. 

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Immigration Lawyer $6,000 per month.


  • Employ and Labor Lawyers

Employ and labor lawyers provide legal guidance and services to employers and employes. They provide legal consultancy to private organization and companies for proper functioning and ensuring the rights of employee and employers.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Employ and Labor laws $7500 per month


  • Personnel Injury Lawer

Personnel Injury lawyers deals with legal matters of all kinds of personnel damages from accidents, tragedies, gathering proves for rights of their clients. They defend all kind of physical and psychological injury of their client from wrong actions of others.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Personnel Injury Lawer $7000 per month


  • Litigation Attorney

Litigation Attorney provides legal services to client’s civil lawsuits. They provide legal consultancy for all kind of disputes between the individuals or between the individual and organizations. They deal with property matters of their clients too.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
      Litigation Attorney $8000 per month


  • Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorney is specialized for all kind of property related matters. They provide legal assistance for land buying selling matters, Buildings, property transactions and property disputes. They assist the clients for real estate challenges.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Real Estate Attorney $9000 per month


  • Bankruptcy lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer provides legal protection to people, companies, who cannot pay their debts and require legal guidance to resolve legal disputes. They provide services for filling for bankruptcy, Negotiation and settlement.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Bankruptcy lawyer $10,000 per month


  • Matrimonial Attorney

A matrimonial attorney also known as family attorney who is specialized in legal consultancy in all kind of family matters. They guide for divorce matters, domestic violence matters, family matters, and issues of individuals with the family.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Matrimonial Attorney $11,000 per month


  • Tax Lawyer

Tax matters are complex and tax lawyer covers all tax related matters of their clients. Tax lawyers provide consultancy according to federal, local and international tax rules. They do tax planning for individuals as well as organizations. They ensure tax legislation and regulation.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Tax Lawyer $11,500 per month


  • Business Attorney

A business attorney provides legal assistance for business formation. They help to conduct merges and transfers legally. They follow security laws, employment laws, litigation, and dispute resolution. They design contracts and agreements according to law.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Business Attorney $11,500 per month


  • Entertainment Lawyers

Entertainment lawyers specialize in providing legal services to celebrities. They are expert for making contracts for celebrities, and intellectual property, ensuring copyrights, and making sure the artist comply with ethical standards. They do secure entertainment finance for films and music recordings.

Lawyer Type Monthly salary
Entertainment Lawyers $10,000 per month


There are the premium categories for lawyers with maximum salaries in the world. These salaries can vary depending upon circumstances of the region I which you practice law. 

Being excited with the perks of a lawyer one has to make sure that this profession brings stress to your life. Be in the top 10 lawyer with highest salary in not easy. 


Your nerves have to very much strong. You have to work long hours and may suffer through emotional trauma. You have to take high responsibility of clients any minor mistake can harm their repute. And last but not the least the cost of education for lawyer is also bit high.

Keeping in mind all the if and buts of this profession you can make a better decision for your career.

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