Shaheen Afridi Biography

Shaheen Afridi is a very well known cricketer with and reputable family background in Pakistan. He was born in 6th April 2000 in Landi Kotal, KPK Pakistan. Shaheen is young Pakistani fast bowler representing pakistani team as an attacking fast bowler in international matches. He is also playing in PSL franchise Lahore Qualader as Captain. He is also known as ferocious Paceman carries with the ability to bowling very consistently at the speed of 140 KMPH. He can also swing the bowl to both sides; his specialty is to get a wicket in his very first over. In his early age he grew up as playing the tennis ball cricket and belongs to Zakhakhel afridi tribe of Pakhtoons. His afridi tribe is one of the larget afridi tribe.

Shaheen Afridi Father,

Shaheen shah afridi’s father name is “Ayaz Khan afridi”.


Shaheen Afridi Height,

He is very tall guy and his height also gives him help to bowl fast and extra bounce, his height is 


  • 6 feet and 5 inches, 
  • 1.99 meters, and 
  • 199 centimeters,

Shaheen Afridi Parents,

Shaheen afridi belong to reputed and religious family and his father is a businessman name as the “Ayaz khan afridi”. He also has 5 brothers in total and he is the youngest one. One of his elders brother Riaz afridi is also farmer Pakistani fast bowler.


Shaheen Afridi Wife Age

Shaheen recently got married to famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid khan afridi’s daughter Unsha afridi, she was born in 2002 6th of December and now she is of 21 years old.


Shaheen Afridi Brother,

Shaheen have 4 more brothers and total in 5, one is Riaz afridi and one is Yashir afridi other names are not known yet.


Shaheen Afridi Daughter,

Image Courtesy by @SAfridiOfficial

Shaheen afrid just got married yet and there will be some time to know that shaheen will get a daughter or son.


Ansha Afridi Age,


Ansha afridi born on 2002 and now he is of 21 years old.


There are lots of things regarding shaeen Afridi and about his career and fast bowling. Shaheen Afridi is selected to play cricket to express his aggression and passion to cricket. Shaheen Afridi is encouraged by his brother Riaz Afridi to play cricket and also train Shaheen to international cricket. Shaheen took part in the selection of federal administrated tribal areas in under 16 in the regional cricket team in the FATA. Now he is the fastest and leading wicket taking fast bowler.

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