Jazz Islam World App Latest Version Download 2024

Jazz has launched the Islam World app, which provides a comprehensive collection of Islamic content for its users. The Islam World app can be subscribed to via SMS, IVR, or the Jazz World app. Standard data rates apply as per the user’s data bundle, and the app is free to use. 

    1. Quran Section

      Users can listen to, read, and learn the Quran either para by para or surah by surah. The app also has an integrated bookmark feature to keep track of progress.

    2. Video Section

      The app aggregates Islamic videos in a structured manner, making it a go-to source for anyone looking for Islamic video content.

    3. Prayer Alerts

      Users can receive timely prayer alerts.

    4. Islamic Names

      The app offers a wide range of Muslim names with details about their meanings and origin.

    5. Masnoon Duaein and Tasbeeh Counter

      Useful features for users’ Islamic practices.

Features are Available on the Jazz World App

The app aims to provide a comprehensive digital experience for Jazz customers, allowing them to manage their accounts and access various services and content conveniently. The Jazz World app offers a wide range of features for Jazz customers, including:
    • Checking prepaid balance and postpaid bills
    • Recharging prepaid accounts
    • Accessing usage history for calls, SMS, and data
    • Subscribing to the best offers and packages
    • Paying phone bills
    • Submitting complaints and tracking their status
    • Buying SIMs
    • Streaming games
    • Receiving information on seasonal content and discounts
    • Creating preferred bundles
    • Sharing balance with friends and family
    • Saving credit/debit cards for easy payments
    • Accessing more than 250 games
    • Availing over 12,000 discounts from brands and restaurants
    • Browsing and setting favorite Jazz Tunes for prepaid users
    • Receiving prayer time alerts
    • Using digital Tasbeeh Counter and Qibla direction compass
    • Staying updated with weather, dollar to PKR conversion, Pakistani gold rates, horoscope in Urdu & English, and recipes
    • Watching exclusive movies and experiencing over 1 million songs
    • Claiming daily free internet rewards by logging in daily
    • Managing up to 5 numbers with one Jazz World account
    • Receiving packages and offers based on usage recommendations

Is the Jazz World App Available for IOS Users

Yes, the Jazz World app is available for both Android and iOS users. Jazz launched the Jazz World app in January 2019 for its customers on both iOS and Android platforms. The app allows Jazz users to manage their accounts on the go, including paying bills, recharging prepaid accounts, accessing usage history, and subscribing to offers. The iOS version of the app is called “Jazz World – Manage My Number” and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free. It offers features like managing up to 5 Jazz numbers with one account, viewing exclusive offers and packages, and accessing various digital services. Jazz World is accessible to both Android and iOS users, providing them with a comprehensive platform to manage their Jazz accounts and access various digital services and content.

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