What are the Ilimecomix’s a Comic Collections


Ilimecomix’s is artistic style of storytelling. Created by Mia and Lucas in 2018 Ilimecomix’s has revolutionized the world of comics. 




As we know that comics is a unique style of story telling and they contain historical importance in every culture. We have witnessed thought provoking comics like Spider Man Batman and many more Ilimecomix’s is a platform that will take us to such kind of comics through digital resources. Ilimecomix’s is a unique blend of art and technology 

Ilimecomix’s Digital transformation of comics


Ilimecomix’s has converted the conventional medium of comics into digital medium. 


Ilimecomix's Digital transformation of comics
Ilimecomix’s Digital transformation of comics


With Ilimecomix’s you can access different comics from digital sources like computer, laptop, iPad or even from your mobile. With digital sources and online platforms, it is easy to save the comics and read it when you are interested. Ilimecomix’s has combined the creative mindset of artists with the digital resources which is beneficial for the readers.


Ilimecomix’s a Comic Collection


Ilimecomix’s provides broad collections of Comics, manga and graphic novels as a online platform with simple clicks.


Ilimecomix's a Comic Collection
Ilimecomix’s a Comic Collection


You can access various kinds of comics like science fiction, horror, Action, Adventure, and romance etc. This collection of comics is blessing for the comic readers. Readers can access any novel, manga or fantasy story of their choice on soft form which is easy to read and keep.


Feature and Benefits of Ilimecomix’s


    • Easy Access to Comics

In past times one has to visit market to get the comics which they want to read. There were many challenges associated with the accessibility and availability of the desired novel and manga. But with Ilimecomix’s all comics are available at a centralized platform where you can simply search and read the comics.

    • Read and Download Options

At Ilimecomix’s you can not only read, but download the comics. This is most exciting feature of Ilimecomix’s and the benefit associated with this is that you can save the novel, story or comics for future reading. 

Read and Download Options
Read and Download Options

These downloaded data can be kept save for years and there are no chances of data loss as compared to conventional hard forms of books.

    • Create Own Comica at Ilimecomix’s

Ilimecomix’s allows the users to create their own comics. This is most exciting feature and benefit of Ilimecomix’s. If you have creative mind then you can give your creative thoughts a chance to practical world by creating your own comics. It is an opportunity to create and share your comics with other through digitalized platform like Ilimecomix’s.


    • Ilimecomix’s for Artists

Ilimecomix’s has given a new hope to the artists because normally their creative work is not noticed by the people.


Ilimecomix's for Artists
Ilimecomix’s for Artists


With this digitalized platform they can register themselves and upload their creative work. Artists get nicely paid as by Ilimecomix’s as users do pay for the subscription which goes to the artists.

    • Ilimecomix’s impact on Culture

Sine Ilimecomix’s is recreating the impact of traditional folks on digitalized platform that is why it has big impact on the culture revival of a community. 


Ilimecomix's impact on Culture
Ilimecomix’s impact on Culture


With novels and other stories Ilimecomix’s is delivering the old traditional message to younger generations which is impressing their minds and they get to know about the moral lessons and values of their society which nourishes their culture.

    • Subscription plan for users.

Ilimecomix’s provides comprehensive subscription plan for the users. 

Subscription plan for users
Subscription plan for users

Subscription plan varies from monthly to quarterly and yearly basis. Charges are also different for normal to premium subscribers. Benefits of the premium subscription is that you can access to exclusive contents for the creators.

    • Explore New Sections

Ilimecomix’s gives you an opportunity to search and explore the different section of Comics, novels, and stories. You can simply click at the browse option and explore different sections for action, adventure, romance, horror, and other fantastic segments of collection of comics.

To Conclude


In a nutshell Ilimecomix’s is new revolution in the world of artistic creations. Mia and Lucas have given a new platform for the users as well as artists to share their thoughts and feedback with each other’s. Ilimecomix’s extends the impact of novels, comics, manga, and other folk traditional stories to new generations through digitalized sources. Users can access, read, download and even create their own comics. With comprehensive subscription plans you can avail premium feature and explore new sections.



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