How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan By Selling Guest Posting On Your Website

What is Guest Posting?

When a blog website publishes the creative content of other companies on their website about their services or products with a cost or may without a cost is called guest posting.This is digital and advanced world there are the many ways by which you can earn a very good amount every month and the guest posting is the one of that methods.


How to earn in Pakistan by selling guest posts on your website?

Here are the steps how to earn through guest posting on your website.

1. Niche

First of all you have to choose the niche in which you want to work. You can choose the technology,business,home or fashion etc.But keep in mind that when you choose a specific niche then you have to publish only articles which are of that niche.If you have a wide knowledge of any niches like if you’re master in technology you should create a tech website.Besides these you can also work on general website which covers all niches and this is used by the many bloggers.

2. Create an website

After choosing the chones first of all you to take a startup you have to buy a domain and hosting because you need a website. Make sure to buy the domain and hosting from the valid and proven websites because the domain and hosting are the pillars of the is quite important to choose a well and good hosting services where the data of your website would be stored.

3. Technical SEO

After creating your website you need to do the technical SEO for your website. In technical SEO you need to build the website’s speed well on pc or mobiles. It is the very important thing in the technical SEO of your website.Next thing is the design of your website make sure that the design of your website is very attractive and mobile friendly.

4. Ranking of your website

After the completion of these steps you have to start work on your website. You have to choose the topic on which you can write informational content. Ranking is the main factor of your website. You should focus on first google traffic and then you can work in bringing the traffic of SEMrush or AHref.Because you got the guest posting orders on the base of your website’s traffic.

5. Off page SEO

Now you should work on off page SEO, the total SEO of any website is baseless until you do the Off page SEO. Off page SEO is all about the backlinks and it tells the search engine about the presence of your website. You have to build the quality backlinks for your website so that search engine crawlers know about the authenticity of your website.


Now when your website is completed and has a good ranking, you can start selling guest posts on it and earn money through it.


Note: The main investment in this is your time, you have to give the time to your website and spend about 1-2 years on the working of your website.

When your website becomes famous then this is a passive way of income.

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