How to Decorate Baithak of the Home Step By Step with Photos

Importance of Baithak or Drawing Room in Home

The baithak is a very essential aspect when we talk about an ideal home. Baithak is the main room of a home where the family members or guests can spend a quality time. The beauty and the decoration of your baithak gives the idea of your home decoration and beauty.These are commonly designed in such a comfortable way so that it can give a satisfactional look and comfort for family members as well as for guests.It also can be used for entertaining activities like painting or watching tv.

An old tradition or Advantages of baithak

When we talks about the advantages of baithak they are many but some on them we mentioned here


1. Baithaks used to serve the guests and spend quality time with guests and have a good conservation.


2. It also can be used as a guest room for the guests for night stay, because it is a separate private place.


3. Baithaks can be used for the students if they want to study with their friends.


4. Your baithak can also be used as an office if you are a freelancer and working remotely.


5. Baithaks can also be used for dinner with the guests.


6. If you have a hobby of painting you can use your baithak as a display of painting because the paintings in the baithak have a significant impact.


7. You can use your baithak specifically to offer Namaz, Dhikar and reciting Quran etc.

How to decorate baithak


Make sure to have a window in your drawing room so that fresh air and sunlight can come through.The decision of making a window on which wall of the baithak is very important.The best idea for you is to make the window on the right or left side of the door. If you place the window on the opposite wall of the door it can be difficult for the setting of your baithak..



Wall colours

Colours are the main thing for the beauty of a baithak or entire home. While selecting the colours of baithak walls make sure to choose the light colour which is very eye pleasant and does not give the extra shine look because it looks more shining than normal is very over. Choose one of the wall different colours because it gives a very  great look. You also can colour the wall three walls off white colour and one wall opposite to the door blue and white.



Baithak Door

The colour of the door plays an important role in the beauty of baithak. While selecting the door colour you should consider the walls colours of the baithak. Make sure to try dark door colour regarding the walls colour. You can try the off white dark shaded colour of doors if the walls of baithak are off white.



T.v trolley

As we know there must be tv in baithak. It is the essential part of baithak because baithak is also used to watch tv. To find the best place for the tv to place is very important. You can place a brown wooden tv trolley at the opposite wall of the blue lines wall. 




While decorating baithak make sure to install the carpet on the floor. The colour of the carpet is very meaningful. You have to install the brown coloured carpet on the floor because of the luxurious look of brown. It will give a luxurious look to the baithak too.




You can place two single sofas in the left wall while entering the baithak. Two single sofas also can be considered as the decoration piece in the baithak. The colours of the sofa select the brown colour which matches the colour of the floor carpet.




Place a table in the corner of the baithak on which you can place the decoration pieces like artificial flowers  or something else you want.The placing of the table in the corner makes the baithak look bigger.




When we discuss the decoration the first thing that comes to our mind is the painting. Because the painting in the baithak makes it more beautiful and meaningful.The colour of painting should be matched to the colours of the walls. Like you can hang a Religious painting with blue white and black colour on the blue line wall. The blue colour included in the painting when matched to the blue wall colour gives a pleasant look.



Pakistani Baithak ideas in Photos 2023

You can also check some of these photos to get an idea while decorating your baithak.







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