The Faithless Friend


Once there were two friends. They set out on a Journey. The way led through a thick forest they swore to help each other in the hour of need.  As they were passing through the forest. They saw a huge bear coming at a distance. They were much frightened. One of the friends knew how to climb up a tree. He saw a tall tree nearby and at once climbed on it. The other did not know how to save his life. He bed heard that the bear did not eat the dead. He held his breath and lay flat on the ground.  In the meantime, the bear also came near. He saw the man lying on the ground. He smelt him and thought him a bear he went his way the also climbed down the tree and asked him what the bear had said in his car. He replied that the bear advised him not to trust fair weather friends!

Moral: A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A friend in need is a friend indeed-1


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