What is SMUD? All You Need To Know

SMUD stands for Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Founded in 2 July 1923 SMUD aims to reduce energy reliance on carbon-based fuels. The Sacramento County is getting wide range of energy solutions and refund for the taxes paid by Sacramento natives.



Legacy of SMUD in United States


      • In 1923 citizens of Sacramento voted to create Sacramento Municipal District utility as community owned municipal utility of district.
      • SMUD serving Sacramento County for more than 75 years.
      • SMUD is United State’s 6th largest community owned municipal utility district.
      • One of the ten public utilities owned by public in United state.
      • More than 6lac smart meters connected to smart grid.
      • Serving More than 900 square miles of Sacramento County.
      • Only Award-Winning community owned Municipal Utility District in United States.


Sacramento County 


Sacramento County a county with994 square miles area located in the U. S state of California. Previously Sacramento has been the Capital of California.


Sacramento County
Sacramento County


 According to survey in 2021 Sacramento County had a population of 1.6 million. Sacramento county is known for historical places of California.

What Makes SMUD Best EV solution of Sacramento County?


    • Power Generation through Natural Gas

SMUD generates power through natural gas which is very environment friendly than coal and oil. Gas emissions with natural gas is very low. This contributes to the efforts for climate change by the world. Moreover, natural gas power plants are also more efficient.

    • Big Hydroelectric power plants

SMUD is using hydroelectric generation plant which is clean and renewable power plant. Hydroelectric plants are the most reliable and cost effective. Hydroelectric plants have long durable lifespan along with benefits like flood control and better water supply.

    • Business Solution for People

SMUD gives business guidance for people plaining energy supplies for their businesses. SMUD provides advisor’s services for efficient and clean electrical supply system for entrepreneurs. They also conduct workshops for education of the people how they can get cost effective energy supply to manage costs in their business.


How to Pay online debts at SMUD official site?


Step1. If you are SMUD native user then you must have an account for online debt payment. Simply put your user ID and password and do the needful task at the next window.



Step2. Create an account if you do not already have account. Put the account number on the upper left corner of your invoice. And enter Tax ID no. or SSN number on the next bar to complete account formation at SMUD.




Step3. You can also make guest payment. Enter your SMUD account and ID number which you will find at the bottom of your bill.





You can also install and use SMUD mobile app which is available in the Sacramento County.




With Mobile you can complete tasks like,

        • Easy Billing
        • Reports View
        • Automation 
        • Comprehensive details of charges
        • Receive Notification related to Sacramento Municipal utility district.


LinkedIn Profile


You can also access SMUD via LinkedIn which provides further connection building opportunities for the Sacramento Municipal utility district and its users. LinkedIn shares complete detailed information about the company profile and services and also informsabout the job opportunities at SMUD.




SMUD contributions for zero carbon future 


    • Electric Vehicles Awareness

SMUD provides online tools that give a comparison of electric vehicles with conventional vehicles. They share benefits of electrical vehicles versus other so people can make wise decision for buying electrical vehicles by creating better awareness.

    • Solar and Storage

SMUD provides expert opinions for users either they should install solar panels and battery in their homes and offices. 


SMUD-Solar and Storage
SMUD-Solar and Storage


They provide complete guidance related to cost and benefits so the users can decide the either to buy solar or not.

    • Go Green Project

SMUD is making an excellent effort for planting trees. In year 2022 Municipality district planted 9,525 trees in Sacramento County.


SMUD-Go Green Project
SMUD-Go Green Project


 This Utility district is have the ambition to eliminate 100% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. All other projects like electrical vehicles, solar plants, trees, E-smart homes falls under the broad project of Go Green.


Perks Offered by SMUD to Sacramento Natives


    • Rebates and Savings

SMUD encourages people to invest in energy efficient appliances and return rebates at good interest values. SMUD makes the energy efficient products like Cooktop range, Energy star clothe washer, Smart thermostats, Heat Pump water heater upgrade, and energy star refrigerator. Instant rebates and money saving offers are available for investors at SMUD.

    • Business Energy Advisor

SMUD provides business energy advisors for consultation on energy management. They give guidance about the energy needs of the people and then help them to make decisions for optimized energy related decision. Customized solutions according to the needs of every business. 

    • Empowering the community

SMUD is empowering the society for taking innovative decisions. They are creating awareness and changing the minds of people towards thinking about next generations and try to save as maximum fossils to make a green energy world.


Conclusion with Core values


To conclude SMUD is United State’s award wining public owned electric utility. Utility generates power through natural gas and hydroelectric power. Offering Multiple services to masses in aiming to accomplishment of green world. SMUD core values are competitive rates, access to credit markets, reliability, customer relation, safety, and environmental protection. Along with these values company provide business solutions, consultancy for EV care, solar storage and rebate savings.

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