How to Find Individual Guest Posting Client On LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that is used to connect with your employers, colleagues, and other professionals in your field. It is also very helpful in finding job opportunities and hunting potential clients.


Step-by-Step Method How to Find Your Client on LinkedIn

1. Open your LinkedIn account the interface will look like this.

2. In the Search bar type keyword “SEO Manager” and search it.

 3. You will see filters at the top first you have to click on people

4. Now at the Location filter select your desired country of which you want the country client you want.You also can select more than one country.

5. Now click on show results then you will get the page of client, there is a connect button on the right side of client profiles.

6. Now open any of the profiles, all of them are clients and you will see a connect option at their profile.

7. Click on connect type your message and send it.

After this you successfully send a connection to your client when he accepts your request you will receive a notification.


How To Find Company Clients On Linkedin

Now let’s discuss the company’s clients.

What Are The Company Clients On LinkedIn?

The Clients we find through searching companies on LinkedIn around the World are the company clients. The main advantage of company clients is that they provide bulk order and at one site gives orders more than one time. The hunting of company clients is more beneficial than the individual one.

How to Find Step By Step Guide

1. Type the keyword “SEO manager”  on the LinkedIn search bar and search it.

2. Now select the companies filter on LinkedIn.

3. After clicking the company you will get the list of companies.

4. Now open any of them.

5.  Now click on  “Employees”

6. After clicking you will see all employees.

7. Now open any profile and send them a connection.

Now you have successfully sent a connection to the company client.

Here is a proper tutorial video where you can see a proper practical video on how to find it.


YouTube Client Search Video on Linkedin


Here is a list of keywords that you can search on LinkedIn.

      1. SEO manager
      2. SEO outreach manager
      3. Paid guest posting
      4. LinkBuilder
      5. SEO project manager
      6. SEO consultant
      7. Digital marketing
      8. SEO advertising and marketing
      9. Digital marketing executive
      10. Blogger
      11. Content manager
      12. Content marketing

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